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SmartestEnergy is a UK licensed business electricity supplier to large industrial and commercial businesses, helping them deliver their energy strategies within a complex market. We currently supply over 730 customers ranging from high-street retailers to large manufacturers, such as the John Lewis Partnership, Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Barnado's.

We can support organisations to achieve their sustainability ambitions, with options for 100% renewable energy available. We purchase energy directly from hundreds of independent generators in the UK and supply this power to companies with a strong focus on the environment.

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We offer a range of flexible and fixed business electricity contracts for large industrial and commercial users. Depending on your business requirements, any of our contracts can include energy from a mix of renewable and conventional sources.

FlexiBase is a fully flexible product that allows businesses to actively manage their own purchasing strategy and take advantage of favourable market prices.
Fixed Price Protectedmore
A fully inclusive fixed price business electricity contract, which protects your organisation against increases to energy rates and third party charges for the full duration of your contract.
EnviroPass more
A unique business electricity product that passes through environmental charges at the published rates, guaranteeing you never pay more than you need to for your energy.

All our products are backed by fantastic, flexible service from a dedicated team. Find out more about our committment to our customers in our Customer Charter.

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If you’d like more information on our business electricity products or just to discuss how we could help you achieve your energy goals, our Business Electricity Team would be happy to help.

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