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SmartestEnergy is the energy partner of choice for businesses and organisations looking to meet their energy needs from environmentally-friendly sources.

renewable energy for business

Purchasing renewable electricity helps reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and also demonstrates commitment to sustainability to your customers and stakeholders.

We can support you to achieve your environmental and carbon reduction ambitions, with options for 100% renewable energy available across our fixed and flexible contracts

We can also help support other sustainability activities, including helping your organisation contract directly with a generator for some of your energy and recommending expert developers for on-site generation projects.

choose your energy source

We purchase energy directly from hundreds of independent generators in the UK. The scale and diversity of our generation portfolio enables us to offer you real choice and transparency for your supply.

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more information

If your organisation is focused on sustainability, we would like to speak to you about how we can support you to achieve your goals. To discuss your green energy supply requirements, contact the Business Electricity team here.