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SmartestEnergy is able to meet the growing demand from businesses and organisations to meet some or all of their energy needs from environmentally-friendly sources.

renewable energy for business

Purchasing renewable electricity helps reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint and can also demonstrate commitment to sustainability to customers and stakeholders.

We can provide business renewable energy at non-premium prices across a range of fixed and flexible contracts. All our contracts allow you to select the proportion and mix of renewables in your supply - including wind, hydro and biomass - along with Good Quality CHP and conventional energy.

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Through Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin we are able to identify and demonstrate the source of our electricity. The scale and diversity of our generation portfolio enables us to offer you real choice and transparency for your supply.

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To discuss your green energy supply requirements, contact the Business Electricity team here.

customer quote

“SmartestEnergy helped us become the first data centre in the UK to purchase renewable energy for 100% of our power needs. They proved very flexible in getting the deal done and we’ve been very happy with the service provided since.”
Nick Razey, Chief Executive Officer, Next Generation Data Ltd

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