business renewable electricity

SmartestEnergy is the partner of choice for businesses and organisations looking to meet their energy needs from environmentally-friendly sources.

We have just launched an exciting new product with the backing of the Carbon Trust, giving responsible businesses increased confidence in the credentials of their renewable electricity supply.

As well as 100% guaranteed renewable electricity, customers recieve an annual Energy Label to show the source and carbon emissions of their supply.

renewable electricity products

You can choose the renewable electricity supply product to suit your sustainability strategy:

Renewable Standard - 100% renewable electricity from a blend of generation sources, with an Energy Label and fuel mix

Natural Renewable - 100% renewable electricity generated by just the wind, sun or water, with an Energy Label and fuel mix

Specific Renewable - a bespoke product which allows you to choose your preferred source of renewable generation

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more information

If your organisation is focused on sustainability, we would like to speak to you about how we can support you to achieve your goals. To discuss your green energy supply requirements, contact the Business Electricity team here.