Small-Scale Feed-in Tariffs

The UK Government introduced the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme in April 2010 to incentivise investment in small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies.

The scheme is administered by Ofgem through electricity suppliers (the largest are mandatory participants, the others are voluntary) who pay a set amount for each unit of electricity generated which is known as the generation tariff. Surplus electricity which is not used on-site is eligible for the export tariff. The value of each tariff depends on the technology used, the size of the installation and when the technology was installed. Whilst rates are “grandfathered” for sites which have been signed up, the tariffs are generally reducing over time for new sites (a process known as “degression”).

SmartestEnergy is a voluntary FiT Supplier and provides Power Purchase Agreements to independent generators under the scheme.

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company position statement

SmartestEnergy has always been supportive of the small-scale Feed-in Tariff (ss-FiT) scheme and we note that it has proved successful in encouraging additional investment in renewable energy generation. The changes that have been made as the scheme has matured have been positive.

However, there are still issues that remain and with the potential for the extension of the ssFiT scheme it is even more important that there is a review of the way the scheme’s export tariff is structured and of the method of charging suppliers.

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