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Renewables industry warns over complacency


Investment in renewable energy has hit a record high of £10.7 billion but the industry has warned against complacency, with the new Conservative government facing decisions in three key areas....

EMR is ‘unfinished business’ argues think tank


New Energy Secretary Amber Rudd needs to tackle “unfinished business” when it comes to Electricity Market Reform (EMR), according to a report by sustainable development organisation E3G.

Network regulation ‘benefits companies rather than consumers’


Citizens Advice has warned that consumers are paying millions of pounds each year in “unnecessary payments” to energy companies and other big infrastructure firms.

‘Cliff edge’ for hydro investment warns trade body


Scottish Renewables has warned that the hydro-electricity sector is facing a “horrendously steep” drop in support from the UK Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) at the end of this year

Growing confidence in emissions trading scheme finds survey


Optimism surrounding carbon markets has continued to rise, according to a new survey.

Innovation project to tackle energy trilemma


Innovate UK, the UK Government agency formerly known as the Technology Strategy Board, is offering companies up to £10 million if they can help to solve the “energy trilemma”.

Sector Round Up - 19/05/2015


This week's highlights include; Japanese firm signs deal to accelerate solar technology rollout, Former Energy Minister Barker joins Climate Group and Welsh government sets out plan to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050.

New Government urged to spell out low carbon commitment


The renewables industry has urged the new Conservative Government to provide an early signal about its commitment to low-carbon energy following last week’s election result.

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