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SmartestEnergy is a voluntary Feed-in Tariff provider, with extensive experience and a strong range of FiT Power Purchase Agreements to help generators benefit from this scheme.

our commitment to FiTs

Since the FiT scheme launched we have consistently been one of the leading energy companies taking part, both in terms of market share and payments made to generators. 

During the first three years of the scheme we paid out over £62m to projects operating under FiTs and we now work with over 191 projects supported by the FiT scheme.

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our FiTs products

Our Feed-in Tariff Power Purchase Agreements give generators opportunities to take advantage of the FiTs scheme over both short and long term contracts.

Our experience with FiTs enables us to provide our customers with contracts that meet their specific needs depending on their size, technology and risk requirements. Our agreements can also be geared towards helping projects secure finance.

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assistance for new FiTs generators

If you are looking to develop a generation project under the Feed-in Tariff scheme, SmartestEnergy can offer support and assistance throughout the process.

See our Guide to Becoming a FiTs Generator for more information on the key stages involved in receiving FiTs payments for your project.

If you would like to discuss your Feed-in Tariff requirements with our experienced Business Development Team, please contact us here.

customer quote

    “Our first turbine has been a very interesting project to be involved in and the returns under the agreement are certainly more attractive financially than the export tariff.”
    - Robert Chapman, Owner, Aberdeen and Northern Eggs

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