New battery storage investment - is this the push that the industry has been waiting for?

The Government has recently pledged major support for battery storage as part of plans to modernise the energy system. James Graham, Head of Asset Optimisation Sales, discusses what the industry requires to overcome existing barriers and enable more battery storage in the future energy mix.

Interest and investment in battery storage has really ramped up over the past year since we published our “Making the commercial case for battery storage” report to address the challenges facing the sector.


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Competition ‘heats’ up for the next Capacity Market auctions

With generators, storage, and demand-side participants all competing together in the next Capacity Market (T-1 and T-4), they could be the most competitive auctions yet. Angus Widdowson looks at the opportunities for CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants and the potential revenues available.

More than 2,000 UK businesses are already using CHP but with many of these plants only required for back-up generation, they are not being fully utilised. There’s an opportunity for businesses to access an...

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Hammerson sets the bar high with ambitious 2030 sustainability targets

Hammerson, the owner, manager and developer of European retail destinations worth more than £10 billion, has ambitious sustainability targets set for 2030. Kate Neale, Environment & Energy Manager, explains how choosing our Certified Renewable product has helped contribute to their goals.

Why has your business chosen to be supplied by renewable electricity?

When Hammerson first made the decision to be supplied by 100% renewable electricity it was because it helped us to reach our target...

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Call for corporates to ‘bring energy to life’

Living Grid has released a new video this week calling on businesses to get involved in the energy system. Head of Marketing Mike Shirley discusses why we are supporting this initiative and the opportunities for businesses to be more active participants.

There is an undeniable shift happening in the UK's energy system, a revolution even! As with all revolutions, there will be winners and losers - those that embrace the new normal and those that get left behind.

A growing number of companies...

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Exciting opportunities for consumers and generators to benefit from innovative corporate PPAs

Direct agreements between generators and energy consumers, known as corporate PPAs, are attracting greater interest with the decline in renewable subsidies. Head of Renewable Sales Chris Smith discusses how to overcome the barriers to enabling corporate PPAs.

Corporate PPAs, are direct agreements between generators and large energy consumers, and are increasingly the focus of renewable developers and investors seeking to continue building in the post Renewable Obligation world.


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National Grid proposals could fast-track energy revolution

Following the recent release of National Grid’s ‘System Needs and Product Strategy’ consultation, Head of Markets Bozhidar Bozhkov, explains why this is good news for the future energy system.

The UK is currently experiencing a transition period as our fossil fuel dependence shifts increasingly towards renewable energy.

While this is great news for decarbonisation, it has created unprecedented challenges for National Grid to balance the system and fully utilise all the renewable generation...

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Uphill road ahead for energy charges

Our recent webinar on energy prices and non-commodity costs highlighted some steep increases down the line for buyers. Key Account Manager and webinar presenter, Mark Cox, looks at the key areas businesses need to be preparing for.

Although wholesale prices have edged down a little since the start of the year, the long-term picture for business energy bills remains firmly on an upward curve.

One of the biggest charges on bills – Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) – is set to see...

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How’s the forecast looking for generators?

The latest SmartestEnergy Informer Series webinar for generators will look at what has been happening to wholesale prices and benefits along with forecasts for the future. Head of Renewables Chris Smith highlights some of the areas which will be covered.

Volatility has continued to be a dominant theme on energy markets in recent months.

The growing impact that factors such as increased levels of intermittent renewable generation in the energy mix are having was highlighted recently by very...

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Recent energy milestones show us the ‘new normal’

Over recent months, we’ve seen strong evidence of fundamental changes in the UK energy system.

Following his keynote speech at an event for the Living Grid project last week, CEO Robert Groves explains what we can learn from these milestones.

The need to innovate our outdated and unsustainable way of generating and supplying electricity is seeing the UK experience a period of major transition, moving us quickly towards a more decentralised, decarbonised and digitised energy system.

In recent ...

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How can independent hydro generators maximise revenues from their PPA?

Presenting at the recent Scottish Renewables Hydro Conference, Business Development Manager Stephen McInally explores the growing opportunities for small-scale independent generators in the PPA market.

The renewables industry has been hit hard with subsidy cuts. With much uncertainty around the potential changes to embedded benefits, cuts to the Feed-in Tariff scheme, and the end of the Renewables Obligation.

We’ve seen the rate of independent generation growth slow considerably, especially...

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