Embedded generators face significant Triad cuts

On Wednesday Ofgem released a ‘minded to’ decision which would dramatically reduce the revenues embedded generators receive for generating during Triad periods. Vice President of Renewables Iain Robertson comments on what this will mean for our customers.

Generators have received the disappointing news that Ofgem plans to reduce the level of Triad payments from £45/kW to around £2/kW. The announcement follows their open letter published last summer raising concerns about the high costs.

Under ...

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How Adnams is setting the sustainability standard for brewing

Award-winning UK brewer, distiller, retailer and pub owner Adnams is a purpose-led, values-driven organisation. Andy Wood OBE, Chief Executive Officer, explains brewing award-winning beer can be done without costing the earth. 

Why has your business chosen to be supplied by renewable electricity?

We are a purpose led and values driven organisation and that’s why we work with SmartestEnergy. SmartestEnergy gives us the opportunity to purchase 100% renewable energy which helps us to offset 25%...

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Switch to 100% renewable energy puts The O₂ centre stage on sustainability

Hosting over 200 events and 8 million visitors a year means minimising carbon footprint is an important focus for The O₂. John Marler, Senior Director, Energy and Environment at parent group AEG explains its industry-leading approach to sustainability.

Why is buying 100% renewable energy important for AEG?

At AEG, we are always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption at our venues around the world. We are one of the first live music and sports companies to adopt a science-based goal for ...

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Capacity Market result a relief for energy buyers but costs still heading higher

The low clearing price achieved in the latest Capacity Market auction took the energy industry by surprise. In our latest Informer Series non-commodity charges webinar, Head of Pricing and Renewables Gavin Baker looked at the outcome in more detail and the implications for consumers.

As the volatility seen on wholesale markets this winter has underlined, these are challenging times for energy buyers.

But as regular followers of SmartestEnergy’s non-commodity cost webinars will be aware, the...

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10% increase for non-commodity charges predicted in 2017

Businesses could see their energy bills increase by up to 10% this year, thanks to the impact of the Capacity Market and rising Renewables charges. Also, a shake-up of DUoS charging on the horizon could have major impacts from next year.

Head of Pricing Gavin Baker previews our latest non-commodity costs forecast ahead of our webinar later this week.

Capacity Market shapes the landscape for 2017

Over the last two months, we’ve seen two Capacity Market auctions. The T-1 auction closed at...

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Our learnings from the Leighton Buzzard Big Battery

Yesterday, Angus Widdowson presented at the Energy Storage and Connected Systems conference, sharing our experience as a commercial partner on UKPN’s Leighton Buzzard battery storage project. Here he takes us through the lessons learned and what SmartestEnergy are doing on the back of this to build a viable route to market for grid scale projects.

Energy Storage and Connected SystemsThe Leighton Buzzard 6MW/10MWh Lithium-ion battery connected to the grid in November 2014. Our role as trading partner included providing access to...

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DSR misses out in the Capacity Market

Following the Capacity Market Early Auction last week, Head of Technology Jim Marshall discusses the results and what it means for the market.

Last week, National Grid ran the Capacity Market Early Auction to secure capacity for winter 2017.

The auction cleared at the lower-than-expected price of £6.95/kW, with contracts awarded for 54GW of capacity. This means the total cost of securing supply for next winter will be £378 million.

(Our Pricing Team will be presenting our latest forecasts...

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Smart businesses should recognise their electricity is no longer a utility

Today the National Grid will invite bids to provide 53.6GW of capacity to help keep the lights on when electricity supplies run low next winter. This process will ensure the lights stay on and the principal way it will do that is to pay large, old power stations a benefit to continue to make themselves available. Without these payments from National Grid, many of these power stations would not be commercially viable and they would shut down and decommission.

The above solution is very much the ...

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Why is certified renewable electricity so important?

Last week, SmartestEnergy launched the UK’s first certified 100% renewable electricity supply product. Head of Marketing and leader of the product’s development, Mike Shirley, explains why this is such an important milestone for the industry.

Many of the UK’s biggest companies are now choosing to be supplied with renewable electricity. This increased demand for clean energy is good news for the planet, for renewable generators, and for the consumers that buy from these brands.

But there is...

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2016 – a big year for batteries

This year has seen significant developments for battery storage - with EFR contracts awarded in the summer and the Capacity Market in early December, the sector has really gathered pace.

Here’s a round-up from our Demand Side Management expert, Robert Owens, of all things batteries for 2016…

1) Frequency Contracts

Good news for independent developers in the EFR auction back in August. Out of the total 201MW of awarded capacity, 60% belongs to independent companies. However, the successful...

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