A battery storage system has become the first to supply electricity from renewable sources to the National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism

Anesco’s Breach Farm, a 10 megawatt (MW) battery storage site in Derbyshire, has participated in the scheme used to balance supply and demand on the system as part of a virtual power plant.

Anesco’s chairman, Steve Shine, said he believes it represents a major step forward for the renewables sectors.

“By entering our storage assets into the Balancing Mechanism, the door has been opened to additional revenue streams for investors and further validates the opportunity that battery storage provides,” he said.

“It’s a major step forward for the industry, with the Balancing Mechanism market offering frequent instances of profitable spreads for batteries to take advantage of. In addition, it removes much of the risk that suppliers face from uncertain system prices.

National Grid publishes roadmap

The news came as National Grid published a roadmap to enable those with flexibility to sell it into the Balancing Mechanism. National Grid hopes the move will increase competition and lower the cost of running the system.

The company is also working with peers on the continent to develop “Project Trans-European Replacement Reserve Exchange (TERRE)”, a wider balancing platform.

National Grid said: “This platform will create a way for standardised balancing products to be exchanged across borders, and it needs to be open to all type of balancing service providers.

“This includes embedded generation, aggregators and demand-side response.”

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