Telecoms giant BT has topped a league table for how FTSE 100 companies deal with climate change risks.

The firm scored 91% in consultancy firm EcoAct’s “Sustainability Reporting Performance” rankings, pipping retailer Marks & Spencer into second place with 89% and manufacturer Unilever into third spot with 86%.

The report’s authors said that scores increased by between 10-15% compared to 2017.

The use of renewable energy also increased, from 65% in 2017 to 73% in 2018.

Benefits for businesses

Mark Chadwick, Chief Executive of EcoAct UK, said: “We want companies to understand that there are opportunities to be discovered for companies willing to embed climate change at the heart of their business strategy, from operational efficiencies to preparing for future mandatory enforcement in some jurisdictions.

“More than that, climate disclosure is about future-proofing business models to ensure sustainable investment over short term profits and, ultimately, longevity.

“In the run up to the Paris Agreement coming into force in 2020, we hope our findings inspire action in the FTSE 100 and beyond.”

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