Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has committed his party to net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 to “kick-start a green jobs revolution”.

In a speech to the Labour’s annual conference, the opposition leader pledged to create 400,000 skilled jobs in the low-carbon industry by cutting emissions by 60% from 1990’s levels by 2030.

He said he would work with trade unions to “ensure jobs and skills are protected as we move towards a low-carbon economy”.

The plans were drawn up by Shadow Energy Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey and Shadow Environment Secretary Sue Hayman.

Working with industry

Emma Pinchbeck, trade body RenewableUK’s Executive Director, said: “Labour is right to recognise that wind and renewables should be at the heart of a smart, low carbon energy system.

“We look forward to working with Labour as they add the detail to their plans, particularly on investment in supply chains to deliver this growth.”
Leonie Greene, Advocacy Director at the Solar Trade Association, added: “Whatever your politics, the economic facts on the ground are that an energy system driven by expanding wind and solar now offers the lowest cost pathway.”

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