More than 25% of the electricity generated in the UK during the opening three months of the year came from renewable sources, according to new figures.

Renewables’ share of electricity generation rose to 25.1% between January and March, up from 22.8% during the opening quarter of 2015.

The amount of electricity generated by renewables climbed by 6.4% year-on-year to 23.2TWh.
Offshore wind saw the biggest growth – up 10% to 5.1TWh – while onshore wind posted the biggest fall, down 10.5% to 6.4TWh.

Record low for coal

Coal provided a record low of 15.8% of the electricity generated, down from 30.8% a year earlier.

Gas remained the largest fuel source, generating 37.8%, up from 24.7% in Q1 2015.

Nuclear’s share remain virtually static at 18.7%.

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