The UK is decarbonising its economy faster than its G20 rivals, according to new figures.

Accountancy firm PwC’s Low Carbon Economy Index (LCEI) found that the carbon intensity of the UK economy fell by 7.7% in 2016.

This fall was attributed to a decline in coal consumption, improved energy efficiency and moderate economic growth.

Britain’s decline was almost three times the global average, which stood at 2.6%.

Leading the ‘low-carbon revolution’

The UK has outperformed China, the United States and other European Union countries in reducing its carbon intensity on average since 2000, the report added.

Jonathan Grant, Director of Climate Change and LCEI co-author at PwC, said: “Our initial LCEI analysis shows the UK hitting impressive decarbonisation rates compared with other major countries. 

“The UK led the world in the industrial revolution and is now leading the low-carbon revolution.”

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