Since our 2001 launch, we have grown to become the UK's leading aggregator of independent generation. Our 3GW portfolio consists of over 600 projects across the UK, from specialist developers and blue-chip companies to farmers, landowners and communities developing new income streams.

Expertise in the changing market

We work with generators across all commercialised (and some developing) technologies including wind, hydro, wave & tidal, biomass, landfill gas, energy from waste, solar and battery storage - with experience in dealing with the associated complexities. Also, with so many years in the industry, we've developed a strong working knowledge of subsidy schemes and can provide commercial structures to suit.

Our expertise extends to getting you the best possible deal for your exported power. Our proven access to wholesale market liquidity and long-standing expertise in managing the imbalance risk associated with such a large portfolio means we can offer very competitive prices.

Read our Power Shift: Mitigating risk and becoming more active in a changing energy market (published September 2017) to find out how we are helping generators take advantage of new opportunities in the changing energy market.

Supporting independent generators

We are widely known for our role in promoting the independent generation market. We've been working on the ground with this sector for 15 years, so we've seen all the challenges and opportunities presented by developing technology, government policy and the drive towards a low carbon economy. As well as using this knowledge to support our customers, we use it to inform government and to engage with energy users to drive demand for independent generation.

We have recently launched a range of new renewable electricity supply products for energy users, developed with support from the Carbon Trust, which we hope will continue to drive demand for independent renewable generation. These products use Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates to evidence renewable supply, so we hope be able to provide an additional revenue stream for our generators. 

We also recently published our fifth annual Energy Entrepreneurs Report highlighting the impact the independent renewable sector has on our overall energy mix and the important role it has to play in ensuring the UK meets it low carbon targets.

A credible partner for your business

We are a British company with expertise in the British market, backed by the financial strength of Marubeni Corporation. Our balance sheet is strong and we have a long, proud heritage in this sector so you can be sure we are a PPA provider that meets our financial commitments.

Over the years, we have developed strong working relationships with many leading advisors, consultants and funders which demonstrates our reputation and knowledge. We are able to structure agreements to meet the requirements of lenders and have standard agreement templates in place with a number of banks, reducing administration and legal costs for developers.

See below what industry experts have to say about working with us.