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SmartestEnergy. Empower a greener generation.

SmartestEnergy is a B2B energy company empowering switched-on customers, generators and partners to get to net zero.

We know the journey to 100% renewable energy is complex, because everyone’s at different stages with unique needs. That’s why our model is flexible, our advice is unbiased, and our innovative retail solutions are realistic.

As a growing community, we can make the system fairer and more powerful. We can better show the realities and rewards of switching from fossil fuels to clean energy. Connect generators to customer demand. Accelerate the market. Create jobs. And champion greener, smarter
energy for generations.


SmartestEnergy is a people-powered energy company built on strong relationships and two decades of trading expertise. We’re the UK’s leading purchaser of independently generated renewable electricity and a licensed energy supplier. This gives us valuable experience in providing commercial agreements across many different sectors.

We've been helping the UK transition to net zero since 2001. We've grown to drive the worldwide transition to net zero. Our reach extended to drive change at scale in the UK, US and Australia.  We’re proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni, a Japanese corporation currently listed as a Fortune 500 Global company whose backing makes us reliable and resilient.

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SmartestEnergy Business helps switched on small and mid-size businesses control their energy overheads, protect against market uncertainty and achieve their green business goals. In a complex landscape, we are the trusted choice for thousands of businesses across all industries.

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Commercial and Industrial (C&I)

Our C&I team support your journey to net zero by putting the right energy deal in place and helping to translate upcoming market dynamics, challenges and opportunities. We do so in a way that is completely relevant to your business, enabling you to get on with creating value for your employees and stakeholders.

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Our Generation team work closely and in partnership with you to provide the knowledge, insight and technology to help you to grow. We connect you to renewable energy consumers and help you diversify your revenue streams, providing the latest technology to enhance your experience and ability to sell power.

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Our global reach

Explore our international websites for and our local work in the United States and Australia.

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Our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Goals

This year, we conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment in collaboration with PwC to understand the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics to our key stakeholder groups. The assessment involved extensive research, employee surveys, stakeholder interviews and senior management workshops. The insights gleaned identified two key ESG priorities for SmartestEnergy: carbon emissions and renewable technologies, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I).

We are now on course to develop our ESG strategy and determine target setting aligned with these priorities. The ESG Governance Framework we are putting in place will align our actions and goals with stakeholder ambitions. Our ESG strategy will aim to effectively communicate our ESG goals with a clear agenda and roadmap to deliver against our targets.

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