We believe it is important to act responsibly and add value for all our customers, employees and stakeholders. Our products by their nature are contributing to decarbonisation and we work closely with our customers to enable their actions to make a tangible contribution to creating a more sustainable world.

2017/18 sustainability report

Always striving to go further and to build on what we have achieved is at the heart of our approach. Our second annual sustainability report, aims to measure and recognise our achievements throughout the year, and to provide a benchmark for progress in the future.

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Our fuel mix

In 2016/17, we supplied 6.6TWh of renewable electricity - enough to power over 1.8m homes*. As well as our 100% renewable products, Standard Renewable and Natural Renewable, our total fuel mix was also predominantly renewable. With 88% from renewable sources, our overall supply was over three times more renewable than the UK grid average for 2016/17 (24.2%**).

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Living Grid

As a supplier, purchaser and aggregator of electricity, we have an important role in shaping the new decentralised, digitalised and decarbonised energy system This is why we are supporting and actively participating in Forum for the Future’s Living Grid project.

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