If you have any questions related to billing and your invoices from SmartestEnergy Business (SmartestEnergy Business Limited), please refer to the information below. If your question is not answered here, please contact our UK based dedicated Customer Services Team and we will be happy to help.


SmartWeb Online

Our SmartWeb online service provides you with instant and easy access to electricity and gas account/s, saving you time and hassle. View your bills, submit readings, make a payment and much more.

> Register for SmartWeb Online here

It’s easy to register, you will just need your account number. If you need help with SmartWeb please contact us here.


Invoice explained

Transparent and easy to understand invoices is just one of many ways we provide a great service to our customers. Please click on the link below to see an example of our customer invoice.

Invoice guide


Non-Energy (Pass-Through) Costs

The price you pay for your electricity and gas comprises of energy and non-energy (pass-through) costs. We fix the energy costs for the duration of your contract however pass-through costs however are variable and relate to other parties in the energy supply chain. Download our helpful customer guides to learn more.

Pass-Through Costs - Customer Guide

Capacity Charges - Customer Guide


Reduced VAT

If your business uses an average of no more than 1,000 kWh of electricity per month you will qualify as a 'de minimis' customer and therefore a reduced VAT rate of 5%. Please complete the below VAT Certificate of Declaration form and return it by email to [email protected]

VAT Certificate of Declaration


Refund process

If you are due a refund and have not yet requested one please contact our UK Customer Services Team. If you have already requested one please be advised this can take up to 28 days to process.


Frequently asked questions

  • Q. How do I view my bills?

    A. You can view your bills online by clicking the ‘customer login’ tab in the top right of this page and logging into our SmartWeb service. If you have not used SmartWeb before you will need to firstly register your account. It’s very easy to do so via the login page, you’ll just need your account number. For more information on SmartWeb, please here.

  • Q. Can I still receive a paper invoice?

    A. Yes you can still receive your invoice by post. However, as a sustainable supplier, we are keen to keep paper invoicing to a minimum to support a better environment. There is a paper billing charge of £5 per invoice (ex VAT).

  • Q. What is a Budget Plan?

    A. A Budget Plan is a payment made by fixed monthly Direct Debit. To calculate your monthly amount, we divide the cost of your estimated annual usage into 12 equal payments. This helps to spread the cost of your energy and avoid seasonal fluctuations. Payments are taken on or around the same date each month.

  • Q. Why has my Budget Plan amount changed?

    A. We use regular readings from your smart meter to check your usage continues to reflect your payment amount. We will notify you of any adjustments to your payment amount should you start to pay too much or too little, at least 10 days before collecting the next payment.

  • Q. Why does my bill show a Climate Change Levy charge?

    A. Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a UK government tax designed to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It was implemented on the 1st April 2001 and affects most businesses and public sector bodies that pay VAT at the standard rate on their energy bills.

  • Q. Why have I received an estimated bill?

    A. If you have recently joined SmartestEnergy Business (SmartestEnergy Business Limited) or are awaiting installation of a smart meter, you can provide a meter reading for an accurate bill. If we do not receive a reading, we will send a bill based on estimated consumption. Once we have installed a smart meter, readings will be taken automatically. In some instances, we may also have to issue an estimated or part-estimated bill for your usage.