Here you will find pricing information for SmartestEnergy Business standard, variable and low user tariffs as well as a list of service (ancillary) charges. The best way to check the product you are on and the unit rates you are paying is to refer to your latest SmartestEnergy Business bill.

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Our highly competitive supply rates are available through a service contract with us. Plus we will install a new generation Smart Meter completely free of charge to ensure your business benefits from accurate billing and automated readings.

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Standard, Variable, Low User Tariffs

Standard Tariff – Electricity

Standard Tariff – Gas

Smartflex Tariff – Electricity

Smartflex Tariff – Gas

Low User Tariff – Electricity

Prepay Tariff – Electricity

Please note that energy supplied under a Deemed Contract is charged at our Standard Tariff as outlined in our Terms and Conditions here.


Non-Energy (Pass-Through) Costs

The price you pay for your electricity and gas comprises of energy and non-energy (pass-through) costs. We fix the energy costs for the duration of your contract however pass-through costs however are variable and relate to other parties in the energy supply chain. Download our helpful customer guide to learn more.

Pass-Through Costs - Customer Guide

Pass-Through Costs - Infographic


Service Charges

Download a list of our service (ancillary) charges

Service Charges


Frequently asked questions

  • Q. What is the Price Promise Guarantee?

    A. Our Price Promise Guarantee applies to our SmartTracker product. If during your annual market price review you find a cheaper price from another supplier, we'll match it. If we can't match the offer you're free to leave without penalty, so you're not tied in and can get access to the best prices available.

  • Q. What is the Low User Tariff?

    A. If your meter is using significantly lower than that of the average business, we may switch you to a more appropriate low user tariff where a 30 day notice period applies. The prices for this tariff are available to view above and remain competitive against other supplier equivalent tariffs. If you would like to discuss your tariff options, please get in touch with our UK Customer Services here.

  • Q. Where can I find out my supply prices?

    A. Your product name and prices are displayed on your SmartestEnergy bill under the ‘Electricity/Gas Used page. If you need help understanding your bill, please get in touch with our UK Customer Services here.