A smart meter is an electricity meter that shows how much energy your business is using in kilowatt hours (kWh). By automatically sharing your readings with us, it will save you the time and hassle of doing so. These readings allow us to regularly track your usage and ensure you continue to pay an accurate amount for your Budget Plan (fixed Direct Debit).

All our customers are provided with a new generation smart meter free-of-charge. Request a quote here and we will be in touch to discuss the best options for your business.


Meter installation

During the registration process of your supply with SmartestEnergy Business (SmartestEnergy Business Limited), we’ll gain details relating to your meter type from your previous supplier. We’ll use this to complete some checks and ensure your supply is eligible for a meter exchange. Our meter operator partner (Energy Assets) will then contact you to arrange installation, completely free-of-charge, normally within 4-8 weeks of service start date.

The engineer will visit site at the agreed date/time and talk you through the installation process, ensuring you have safely powered down any sensitive equipment. Most installations are complete within one hour, with a short period of power loss.

Please note: We are currently installing smart meters for small business electricity customers only. If you already have a smart meter and it is compatible to our service we should be able to remotely access it without the need for an engineer visit.



Once installed there will be a period of time before we can obtain the readings from your smart meter. We are working hard to ensure everything is correctly configured at this stage and that your previous meter is correctly billed for it final readings. Generally speaking it can take between 4 - 6 weeks after installation for everything to work smoothly. Please bear in mind your next invoice may not yet reflect your smart meter readings.


Energy usage 

With our Web Analyser service you can view a detailed breakdown of your usage to help understand your energy consumption and reduce your costs. Data is available in half-hourly intervals and it’s easy to create daily, weekly or monthly reports to analyse usage across meters, sites etc. This valuable tool can be useful when identifying ways to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint.

For more information on our Web Analyser service please contact our dedicated UK Customer Services Team here.


Smart meter installation targets

From 2022, all gas and electricity suppliers have annual installation targets to roll out smart and advanced meters to their customers by the end of 2025. The annual targets for SmartestEnergy Business are published below.



Frequently asked questions

  • Q. How soon can you install a smart meter?

    A. Our standard lead time is usually 4-8 weeks after your service start date. This allows us enough time to obtain your existing meter details and carry out the necessary checks. If you require one sooner, please contact our dedicated UK Customer Services here.

  • Q. Are smart meters secure?

    A. The security of your data is very important to us and in most cases we are able to install the new generation of smart meters (SMETs2). These meters are more secure than the previous generation and transmit your usage data across the secure smart DCC network.

  • Q. Why do I need a mobile signal to install a Smart Meter?

    A. Our smart meters send your data via a secure network using a mobile link and require a reliable mobile signal. As part of the installation process we may ask you to test the signal strength to make sure your premises are eligible for a smart meter. The engineer will also carry out certain checks on the day. If the existing meter location has a poor signal it may be possible to install a signal booster.

  • Q. Will my power be cut during installation?

    A. Most installations are complete within one hour, and whilst this will be done with minimal interruption, it is normal to expect a loss of power for approximately 10-30 minutes. The engineer will advise you prior to the meter exchange, allowing you to safely power down your equipment. If you have a CT (Current Transformer) meter, the installation will take up to 2 hours but there will be no power loss.

  • Q. What do I need to do on the day of installation?

    Before the appointment, please ensure that the meter location is accessible and is not obstructed. You will also need to ensure any sensitive equipment such as machinery or computers is powered down safely. The engineer will advise when on site exactly when to do this. If the appointment does not go ahead for any reason fees may apply.