As a smarter alternative to the 'Big 6' with low prices and dedicated services, we have a range of leading electricity and gas products to suit any small businesses. 

Protect your business against wholesale market uncertainty by fixing your prices for up to 5 years, or track the market each year for the best it has to offer. Our products are designed to help control your costs and reduce your monthly energy bills. If reducing carbon emissions is also important to your business, please take a look at our renewable electricity products.

With over 10 years’ experience serving UK small and medium-sized enterprises and micro businesses, we are 100% focused on your energy needs, both now and in the future. Plus we are contributing to a more sustainable future by installing a new generation of smart meters for our customers free of charge, so you can have more control over your energy usage.

SmartFix - 1, 2, 3, 5 Years

Protect your business against market price uncertainty

  • Competitive electricity and gas prices including a 1, 2, 3 and 5 year fix

  • Complete peace of mind for your business, long-term protection over price increases

  • Control cash flow with monthly Budget Plan payment (fixed Direct Debit)

SmartTracker - 3 years

Track the market each year for the best prices

  • Our lowest electricity or gas prices fixed for the first 12 months then reviewed year on year against market prices

  • Market review every 12 months ensures you continue to pay a good price for your electricity or gas based on what the market has to offer

  • Price Promise Guarantee during your annual market price review, if you find a cheaper price from another supplier, we'll match it.

  • Control cash flow with monthly Budget Plan payment (fixed Direct Debit)

SmartPay – 1, 2, 3 years

Reduce your costs, control the way you pay

  • Fix competitive prepay prices for up to 3 years, save up to 40% against competitor variable tariffs

  • Control when you pay - ideal for hospitality businesses with unpredictable cash flow, top-up when it suits you best, credit alerts by SMS/email (electricity only)

  • Easy payment methods - top-up credit online via SmartWeb, by phone, or via Direct Debit

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Free smart meter

Accurate billing, automated reads (electricity only)

Smart meters are a great way to save your business time and money. They can help you better understand your energy consumption, help us to generate your energy bills with accuracy and deliver a higher level of service to our customers. 

Smart Meters also provide the industry with more data to efficiently manage supply and demand at national level.

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Budget plan payment

The smarter way to pay for your energy (electricity only)

Avoid seasonal fluctuations and spread the cost of your electricity over the year with fixed monthly payments. To help you maintain a predictable cash flow, equal payments are taken once a month, on or around the same day by Direct Debit. 

Automated readings provided by your smart meter are used to monitor usage and keep the payment amount accurate.

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SmartWeb Online

Manage your energy account on the go, 24/7

You’ll also benefit from our SmartWeb online service that puts you in full control of your electricity/gas account. This means managing your bills whilst on the go is both fast and easy. You can also submit reads, make a payment and much more.

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Web Analyser Service

Better understand your energy consumption

Get access to a detailed breakdown of your electricity consumption with our Web Analyser Service. Data is available in half-hourly intervals and it’s easy to create daily, weekly or monthly reports to analyse usage across meters, sites etc.

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