Business electricity for industrial organisations

As a manufacturer, we know your focus is on the cost and quality of what you produce, and electricity is just a part in that. So our flexible purchasing product, FlexiBase, helps you pay the best price for your power and comes with tools to provide insight into your consumption and future costs.

We work with some of the UK's largest industrial businesses, understanding the complex challenges they face, and feel confident we can help you deliver your energy strategy.

  • Choose when and how to buy your electricity with direct access to our Hedging team
  • Access tools to help you develop a predictable budget and reduce your energy waste
  • Choose the source of your electricity – including certified renewable options 
  • Avoid peak prices and become a smarter energy consumer with our Demand Side Response service
  • Brilliant service as standard from your dedicated Account Manager and Customer Service Executive

Control your costs with flexible purchasing

You spend a lot on your electricity so you need complete control over when and how you purchase it. Our FlexiBase product enables you to spread the risk of market volatility over multiple purchasing decisions to match your risk framework and purchasing strategy. You can collectively purchase power for all your sites on one flexible contract - both half hourly and non-half hourly sites or sites split across multiple companies.

Transacting is quick and simple with access to our experienced Hedging team and because you speak directly to them, you know it has been done. Manage your purchasing strategy against quoted market prices or published indices for full transparency.

We also provide a suite of simple-to-use reporting tools to support your purchasing strategy. Market prices and position management reporting will help you control your budget, and you can use our consumption data portal to identify, prioritise and reduce your energy waste.

The opportunity for renewable electricity

Industrial companies can realise benefit from buying renewable electricity - not just reputational benefits, but carbon reporting benefits at an affordable price.

If your business sees value in this, we can provide 100% renewable electricity certified by the Carbon Trust so you know what you're getting now and in the future. Our annual Energy Labels show the source of your supply, so you can demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental impact. 

Read more about working with us below, or contact the team to discuss your requirements.