Business electricity for retail brands

The sustainability challenges and opportunities for consumer brands are complex, so we can give you clarity with our Carbon Trust certified renewable electricity products.

Our flexible approach, sustainability expertise and experience working with some of the UK's leading retail and service companies makes us the ideal energy partner to support your particular requirements.

  • Choose a certified renewable electricity product to meet your sustainability strategy
  • Report zero scope 2 carbon emissions with confidence to your customers and stakeholders
  • Buy your electricity from the wholesale market with our market-leading FlexiBase product
  • Manage your future price exposure and find energy reduction opportunities with our simple tools
  • Brilliant service as standard from your dedicated Account Manager and Customer Service Executive

Know the source of your renewable electricity

Our renewable electricity products support the needs of brands that want to be sustainability leaders, with the option to choose Renewable Standard which guarantees 100% renewable electricity from a blend of sources, or Natural Renewable which is electricity generated by the wind, sun and sea. For organisations with a specific strategy in mind, we can also supply renewable electricity from particular projects or technologies.

Our Carbon Trust certification means customers can trust that every renewable megawatt hour they use has come from renewable sources and report zero scope 2 carbon emissions for purchased electricity. Ongoing monitoring by the Carbon Trust guarantees certificate-backed renewable electricity for the length of your contract.

We’ll also provide an annual Energy Label to help you demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental impact to your employees and customers.

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Flexible purchasing options to support your strategy

Whichever renewable product you choose, you still need to manage it within your organisation's risk strategy. With cost always a factor, our FlexiBase product means you can purchase your power requirements from the wholesale market at the times and prices that suit your strategy.

Collectively purchase power for all your sites on one flexible contract - both half hourly and non-half hourly sites or sites split across multiple companies. We also provide you with an online reporting tool to show your future position so you can budget accordingly.

But with non-commodity charges making up over half of your bills, you need to stay on top of more than just wholesale prices. We offer fixed and pass-through options to suit your strategy as well as providing quarterly forecasts of all the environmental, transmission and system charges impacting your budget. 

Read more about working with us below, or contact the team to discuss your requirements.