As an energy consultant, you have an important role to play in the industry and we recognise the value you provide to both suppliers and consumers in driving innovation and providing clarity in an increasingly complex industry.

We are respectful of your customer relationships and the many services you provide across all energy markets. We’ll therefore look to discuss with you how we best manage the customer, working collaboratively to ensure all three parties get the most from the relationship.

Our Consultant Commitments

We put our customers at the center of everything we do - an attitude we are known and valued for. We work hard to understand our customers' needs so we can live up to and surpass their expectations.

Energy consultants are our customers too, so to guide our partnership approach and build a trusted and long-lasting relationship with you we have created the five following commitments:

  1. Being fair, open and knowledgeable
  2. Creating the best environment to collectively manage our customers
  3. Seeking customer satisfaction in everything we do
  4. Being open to change when it benefits everyone
  5. Innovating and looking at new opportunities for our customers

Find out more about how we work with consultants to ensure a high-quality experience for our customers by downloading our Consultant Commitment document.

Don't just take our word for it! See what some of consultant partners have to say below, and if you would like to work with us, please get in touch here.