The opportunity for businesses to be more flexible with consumption has never been greater.

Your business might have some flexibility in your demand, a backup generator or a battery installed onsite to shift your load. With our Managed Flexibility service, you could optimise this flexibilty in the short term energy markets and provide balancing services for maximum value.

We will get to know how your business runs and work with you to define an optimisation strategy to secure cost savings and new revenue streams.

Revenues from balancing services and Triad management

We can aggregate your assets across sites to meet the minimum requirements for participation in balancing services such as STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) and FFR (Firm Frequency Response).

We also support active triad management with email alerts to help you achieve savings in the region of £30,000 - £55,000 per MW.

Energy Market Optimisation

Our dedicated Asset Trading team respond quickly to price opportunities in the short-term energy markets, including the day-ahead and within-day markets, and the Balancing Mechanism for near real- time trading.

In periods of high market volatility, our Asset Trading Team dispatch our customers' flexibility on their behalf, optimising the value of flexibility in the short-term energy markets.

Manage your flexibility using our leading technology platform 

We provide a customer portal called SourceOptimisation, to manage the availability of your flexibility around your business operations and any other contractual balancing service commitments. Our operations team provide an interactive online demo to get you set up and familiarised with the platform before your contract start date.

Please contact us if you would like to explore the demand response opportunities for your business.