Aviva Solar Battery Credit

Company: Aviva Central Services UK Limited
Location: Nationwide
Product: 100% Renewable Natural - Flexible Supply  
Customer since: October 2017

The opportunity:

Aviva committed to reducing their direct emissions in 2030 by 70%, that target was met by 2020. In 2021 81% reduction achieved. They then set themselves the challenge to become operationally net zero by 2030.

Three main priorities; Use less with a laser focus on energy efficiency, make sure they buy the cleanest energy by using the right technology at the right time and generate electricity onsite.

They launched their 1.1MW combined solar carports and a 1.8MW battery storage facility. Located at their Perth office, Scotland, this is one of the UK's largest renewable installations of its kind, producing enough power to take the site off the grid for 5 hours per day.

They then focus on their priority to buy clean green electricity, working with SmartestEnergy, they were able to ensure that everything they buy and use in their building is 100% renewable certified electricity with their consumption matched to a mix of solar, wind and hydro generation.

Hear directly from Aviva's Sustainability Lead, Lee Preston:


The result:

SmartestEnergy have worked with Aviva alongside World Kinect Energy Services to incorporate the battery and solar forecasts into their standard supply forecast. This has resulted in significant changes to the site’s consumption profile as well as the predictability of imbalance levels/charges with an annual carbon saving of 400 tonnes - equivalent to the weight of over 31 double decker busses.  

Nick Amin, Aviva Chief Operating Officer, says, “It’s vital that businesses in all industries put words into action when it comes to tackling the climate emergency. That’s why we are taking strides to reduce our environmental impact and partner with leading technology specialists to help make that happen. The Perth solar and storage initiative is a great example of how Aviva is innovating to secure a sustainable energy supply and support the electric vehicle revolution.”

The future:
The three companies have committed to continually work together to manage forecasting as the battery usage develops.

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