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Company: JLL
Location: Nationwide
Product: 100% Renewable Natural - Flexible Supply
Customer since: 2012

The opportunity:
JLL actively procures renewable energy on behalf of its clients, selecting SmartestEnergy’s Natural Renewable product to source its supply from a combination of hydropower, wind, and solar generators. Meanwhile, in 2018, JLL began procuring electricity for its own offices from a specific source, a Solar PV Project in Suffolk.​

The result:
Since 2012, JLL and its managed client portfolio have used 2.65 TWh of renewable electricity, saving 526,250 tons of carbon in the process. With energy efficiency measures in place they have reduced their overall usage over time, and ensured that the remainder being purchased is green. In 2020 JLL hit their 100% renewables target.

David Mead, Associate Director, says, “Since we started working with SmartestEnergy in 2012, we’ve received a high level of service. They’ve taken the time to understand our industry and tailored a product and service to meet the needs of dynamic property portfolios such as those we manage. ​We are particularly pleased with the certification of renewable supplies for the entire portfolio helping us and our clients to achieve our ambitions for sustainability.” ​

The future:
JLL have set an ambitious goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040​ with signing 'The Climate Pledge'. They are looking to roll-out SmartestEnergy's Specific Renewable product to clients across the UK and look to progress efforts to track, report and improve links to origin. 

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