If you have any questions related to billing and your invoices from us, please refer to the information below. If your question is not answered here, please contact your Customer Service Executive directly or contact the team here and we will be happy to help.

eBilling portal

Our eBilling service provides you with instant and easy access to your invoice documentation and consumption data. Using the online portal removes the usual hassles associated with invoicing, while making you more effective and saving your valuable time.

Login to eBilling here

If you need us to set up your login details or have any questions about accessing the portal, please contact us.

NHH Meter Readings

It is important to keep your account up to date and invoices correct, so please send us the most recent and up to date meter reads (a photograph showing the meter display once a month is ideal) to:

[email protected]

Always remember to include:

The MPAN (13 digit number)

The date the reading(s) were taken

The Meter Serial Number shown next to the Meter ID. Remember, you could have more than 1 reading e.g. Day and Night.


Please send remittances, including you SmartestEnergy account number to:

[email protected]

Your invoice explained

Transparent and easy to understand invoices is just one of many ways we provide a great service to our customers.

Please click on the link below to see what an example of our invoice documents look like. We have annotated the document to explain all the industry terminology.

Example invoice

Please contact your Customer Service Executive if you have specific questions about your invoice.

Direct debit mandate

If you wish to set up a Direct Debit to pay your bill, please contact us to request the required form. If you have any questions about Direct Debit, please contact your Customer Service Executive.

VAT information

Your business may be eligible for a reduced rate of Value Added Tax (VAT). Please complete the below VAT Certificate of Declaration form and return it to your Customer Service Executive.

VAT Booklet and Certificate of Declaration Form

You can also read more about VAT at the HMRC website here.

Refund process

Please contact your Customer Service Executive if you have questions about refunds for your account.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q. How do I view my bill online?

    A. You can view your bills online by clicking the "customer login" tab in the top right of this page and logging into our eBilling Service. For more information on eBilling, please speak to your Customer Service Representative.

  • Q. Why is VAT being charged at the Standard Rate?

    A. The standard rate of VAT will be applied automatically unless the site`s usage demand for a set billing period falls under the de minimis ruling - less than 33 units/kWh per day. This level of demand is considered to be domestic for VAT purposes so the reduced VAT rate of 5% will apply. The reduced VAT rate of 5% incurs no CCL charge.

    However if your supply qualifies for exemption due to domestic, charitable non-business or education establishment purposes then a VAT declaration form must be completed. This exemption can be retrospectively applied by Suppliers depending on the effective date completed on the form.

  • Q. Am I CCL exempt?

    A. Energy-intensive sectors of industry can obtain up to 65% (previously 80%) discount if they sign an energy efficiency agreement with the Government via their trade association. Other exemptions include Domestic use, charities and some government buildings.

    In the Summer Budget 2015 it was announced that the exemption for Renewable Source Electricity from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) would be removed.

  • Q. How is CCL calculated?

    A. The charge is worked out using the CCL unit rate against the amount of units used in that month. If you have an 65% reduction you would only get charged CCL on 35% of your total units used.

  • Q. How do I make you aware of my CCL reduction?

    A. A CCL exemption form known as a PP11 available from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) must be completed and provided to us before the start date of your contract.

    This is in accordance with HMRC who have stated that CCL exemption forms cannot be backdated to the supply start date, although retrospective exemption may be granted. The CCL exemption forms are valid for 5 years from the date of signature.

  • Q. What is Rota Load Disconnection?

    A. In exceptional circumstances such as a severe shortage of electricity production in the UK the Secretary of Trade and Industry will enforce the Rota Disconnection. This means that distribution areas may be required to disconnect electricity for customers for a set duration, on a rota basis.

  • Q. What is my Rota Load Disconnection Block and how will I know if I am to be disconnected?

    A. Your rota block is identified by an initial letter and this letter will be printed on your invoice at least once a year. In the unlikely event of a severe shortage of electricity the Secretary of Trade and Industry will announce, via the media, that the Rota Load Block Disconnection procedure will be implemented. You will then use your Rota Block Letter to identify when your supply will be interrupted.