Creating value for gas peaker plants

An ever more complex and volatile UK energy system creates many new commercial opportunities for gas peaker plants. We work with forward-looking businesses to help them develop their business models by connecting their assets to multiple revenue sources in wholesale and balancing services markets.

Experienced supplier-aggregator

As a licensed supplier with trading experience in the gas and power markets since 2001, we provide long term commercial agreements to help you maximise the value of your asset. Our aggregation technology capability enables us to connect your portfolio to frequency, balancing services and the Capacity Market.

Optimising revenue opportunities

Our dedicated Markets Team will provide an optimisation plan to help you manage your response commitments to grid schemes and operate in energy markets to create additional margin. We will ensure that now and in the future, as opportunities change, you are in the most effective markets to achieve the best economic returns.

Proven commercial partner

SmartestEnergy is a stable, well-resourced business with a long, proud heritage in the energy sector. We are backed by the financial strength of the Marubeni Corporation making us a reliable, bankable partner.

If you are developing a stand-alone plant or a portfolio, please get in touch to discuss the revenue opportunities for your asset.

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