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Our experienced Asset Optimisation team will work closely with you to help you to deliver maximum value from your flexible assets. Our engineers will help you to identify your flexible capabilities and our markets team will help you stack revenues from multiple markets.

Our Business Development Managers will work with you throughout this process, taking the time to understand your business operations and agree a commercial arrangement that works for you.

For more information about how we could help your business, please contact us.

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Robert Owens - Vice President, Asset Optimisation

Having occupied numerous commercial roles at SmartestEnergy since he joined as a founding member in 2001, Rob Owens was appointed to the role of Vice President DSM in 2015.

In this role Rob is responsible for developing our nascent flexibility business and exploring related opportunities.

Prior to joining the company, Rob held a number of senior analyst positions and also worked on power price projections and commercial modelling of power plants for Pöyry.

James Graham - Head of Sales

James joined SmartestEnergy in 2012 as a Business Development Manager after more than a decade’s experience working in the energy sector and later became Head of Direct Sales.

In his current role he is responsible for delivery of sales through SmartestEnergy’s Asset Optimisation function. His role focuses on working with customers to deliver value from flexibility across generation and demand response.

His career in the energy industry has seen him hold senior roles with companies including Reactive Technologies and Bergen Energi.

Boz Bozhkov - Head of Markets

Boz is responsible for analysing market opportunities to help asset owners maximise revenues.

His role includes the continued development of processes and systems to enable customers to always optimise their positions and he also liaises with National Grid and DNOs to ensure access to all relevant opportunities.

Boz joined SmartestEnergy from KiWi Power where he was Head of UK Operations. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Northeastern University, USA and a Master of Science in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment from University College London.

Jim Marshall - Head of Technology

Jim joined SmartestEnergy in 2017, bringing over 20 years’ experience across engineering and energy markets.

He is responsible for providing technical insight and support on Demand Side Response (DSR) and energy optimisation to customers and internally.

Jim joined SmartestEnergy from Open Energi where he had been part of the team that developed Dynamic Firm Frequency Response (DFFR) for industrial processes.

Jim, who has a degree in Electronic Systems and Control Engineering and an MBA, has also worked in energy management and smart metering for companies including Carbon Control, Envision, OnStream (NG) and Invensys.

Christian Pegrum - Head of Commercial

Christian works with owners of flexible assets and portfolios to maximise value through the development of innovative contracts.

He joined SmartestEnergy in 2017, bringing 20 years’ commercial experience in the energy sector.

Christian previously worked as a Major Transactions Specialist for E.ON in Germany. Other roles for E.ON have included responsibility for its renewable energy sales of its European portfolio. He has also served as chairman of the board of the Non-Fossil Purchasing Agency and held senior roles with United Utilities.

Angus Widdowson - Commercial Manager

Angus Widdowson joined SmartestEnergy as a Generation Account Manager in October 2014, providing Power Purchase Agreements for independent generators across Great Britain.

More recently, Angus has taken on the role of Business Development Manager in our Asset Optimisation business, managing commercial agreements and working with our customers to deliver value from flexibility across generation and demand response.

Prior to joining SmartestEnergy, Angus spent four years developing and operating an extensive range of wind turbines, hydro schemes and biogas plants across the UK.

Lisa Bunting - Commercial Manager

Lisa joined Smartest Energy in 2018 as a Business Development Manager, managing commercial agreements and working with our customers to optimise their value from flexibility across demand assets. She has over 20 years’ experience in Key Account Management of large Industrial and Commercial clients.

Lisa is also a chartered engineer with a degree in manufacturing engineering. Prior to joining SmartestEnergy, she spent ten years in the energy industry working across onsite renewables; energy consultancy with RES; and developing large corporate accounts for Reactive Technologies.