As our energy system evolves, both generators and consumers must play a more active role to support the decarbonisation and security of the grid.

If you can identify areas where you can use or generate electricity differently, there are many new revenue streams available to incentivise your efforts. Advancing technology is enabling businesses of all sizes to participate and makes it possible to aggregate multiple revenue streams. Battery storage is also becoming cheaper and growing quickly, so will soon become a fixture in many commercial buildings and factories, and alongside renewable projects. 

We are committed to helping our customers unlock value from flexibility and we use our significant experience to create commercially-minded solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Demand response opportunities

Our Asset Optimisation team help businesses be more responsible, smarter consumers by reducing or shifting electricity usage away from peak demand to balance the grid. We are experienced in matching flexible assets to the right markets to ensure you receive maximum return for your flexibility.

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Commercial battery storage

We work with developers on stand-alone battery projects and independent renewable generators with co-located batteries, sharing our expertise in commercial battery models and providing supply and offtake agreements.

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Experienced supplier-aggregator

As an asset-light energy company our business is built on strong customer relationships and trading expertise. We have a long, proud heritage in the energy sector and are backed by the financial strength of the Marubeni Corporation, so you can be sure we are a bankable partner.

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