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Technology is unlocking the capability to create gas from renewable sources as an alternative to fossil fuels. Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin Certificates (RGGOs) are instruments issued to track the renewable gas from source to supply. Renewable gas refers to biomethane (‘green gas’) and each kilowatt hour (kWh) of green gas produced and registered on the system is issued with a unique electronically labelled identifier, which provides information about where, when and how the individual kWh of green gas was produced.

The RGGO ensures that both sellers and purchasers can track their gas through the system and know there is no double-counting. By injecting biomethane into the grid, conventional gas is displaced by equal measure. Displacing fossil fuel derived natural gas helps to lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

By procuring green gas instead of conventional gas, corporates are able to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their sustainability goals. A market for RGGOs helps provide the confidence needed to grow the proportion on green gas in the UK gas network and allow producers to receive additional value for their gas based on consumer demand.

We can offer both fixed and flexible pricing for green gas, inclusive of certificate prices and are poised to help generators receive the maximum value for their green gas outputs.

For more information, please download an overview of 'Renewable Gas Agreements from SmartestEnergy'

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