The energy system is changing at rapid pace, providing UK generators with more market opportunities to maximise the value of their energy generation assets.

Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are suitable for all generation technologies including; wind, solar PV, hydro power, anaerobic digestion (AD), gas and fuel-based generation, and battery storage.

We also offer energy optimisation services, connecting generators to new revenue sources in the Balancing Mechanism and ancillary services.

Finding a PPA structure that enables you to monetise your asset or portfolio in the most profitable markets depend on:

1. The attributes of your generation technology

The attributes of your generation technology will define how controllable your asset is and how frequently you can respond to market price volatility.

For renewable technologies like wind and solar PV, where supply is unpredictable, imbalance risk can be difficult to manage so you may opt for a PPA that provides income certainty for every MWh sold.

There could also be value in curtailing generation to support balancing the grid during periods of excess supply, so it’s worth exploring your options with us to fully monetise your renewable generation asset in all available markets.

For more flexible technology types, such as gas peakers and fuel-based generation, these assets can be more easily controlled to respond to the needs of the system by quickly ramping up or turning down to optimise revenues in multiple markets.

2. Your approach to trading in the wholesale market 

How actively you engage with the traded wholesale market and how frequently you chose to transact will help us find the right PPA for you.

We have products suitable for generation projects with a preference for long term income certainty; or contract structures for generators that are actively hedging on a monthly basis, or less, to value assets closer to the time of delivery.

Our online portal enables you to manage your asset and portfolio, with visibility of market prices so you can take advantage of price spikes in periods of high volatility.

3. Your requirements for asset management and optimisation 

With increasingly attractive revenues available in flexibility markets such as the Balancing Mechanism, short-term energy markets and ancillary services, generators that can provide energy flexibility could access optimal revenues across multiple markets.

SmartestEnergy’s asset optimisation service includes dispatch control through an innovative, technology platform, to quickly respond to price signals with pre-defined trading decisions in place.

You can manage your assets’ availability for trade and dispatch using our online portal.

Our generation product options:

  • Fixed PPA – For income certainty, our fixed PPA is for generators that want to make a single pricing decision to sell power for the whole contract duration.
  • Framework PPA – For a low-risk approach, our Framework PPA allows generators to fix prices for future periods and leave periods unhedged to respond to market movements.
  • Flexible PPA – Track the market and manage your own prices with the flexibility to lock and unlock volume direct with our trading desk to take advantage of market price spikes.
  • Energy Trading Services Agreement (ETSA) – Optimise energy revenues with full control over your hedging decisions. Typically for larger generators that have the energy expertise but need to use our trading desk for full access to the power market.
  • Managed Flexibility – Optimise your assets in the day-ahead and intraday markets, Balancing Mechanism (BM) and other response services for multiple revenues. Aggregate assets and trade and dispatch using our intelligent technology platform with the opportunity to fully outsource asset management

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