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As energy is a key part of what you do, you’ll have clear ideas of what you want from your PPA provider and we think we fit the bill.

We have over 15 years’ experience of developing bespoke Power Purchase Agreements for large-scale generators across all commercialised (and some developing) technologies, and that has taught us a thing or two about responding to the specific needs of our customers. 

  • Tailor the agreement you need - flexible, framework and indexed options available
  • Secure competitive prices because we're experienced at managing a large portfolio of 3GW
  • Know you'll always get paid as we have a strong balance sheet and financial backing
  • Choose how to manage your imbalance, either cost certainty or flexible to optimise plant
  • Access simple-to-use reporting tools to track your position and manage risk

Interested in battery storage? We developed the UK's first commercial agreement for a battery project (UK Power Networks 6MW battery) so we are experienced in this emerging market.

Complicated portfolios require complicated structure

We can structure our contracts, billing processes and legal approach to mirror the way you manage your assets. You can transact as a single entity or separate your sites to reflect different ownership or local requirements, just tell us and we’ll do what we can!

We offer competitive prices for Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs) and Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROCs), as well as embedded benefits.

Working with us is a partnership, so we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager and Customer Service Executive and back it up with agreed service levels. Your account team gets to know your business and takes responsibility for ensuring everything runs smoothly at our end and you get paid on time.

We know the ever-changing landscape of energy policy and regulation has a significant impact on your business, so we also provide a range of services to ensure you are kept up to date - including newsletters, webinars and events.

Insight into your generation patterns

With energy prices and embedded benefits becoming increasingly volatile, you need access to the latest insight and reporting on your generation.

Our SourcePosition and SourceProfile tools let you track the value of your assets now and into the future. Run future price scenarios and monitor your generation patterns to increase profitability. We would also love to work with you to identify new revenue generating opportunities, such as Demand Side Response.

For large portfolios, managing imbalance can be a challenge. Our experienced Energy Management Centre operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, always working when you’re generating, to provide balancing services down to half-hourly intervals.

Read more about working with us below, or contact the team to discuss your requirements.