As one of the UK’s leading purchasers of independent generation, we offer a range of Power Purchase Agreements suitable for renewable and flexible generation assets.

Take advantage of wholesale market movements via our in-house trading team, or set your power price at a fixed rate for income certainty. Our products have been designed to give you a route to the most profitable markets, helping you optimise your asset(s) to achieve the maximum value.

A partner you can trust

With over 20 year's experience serving independent generators and the financial backing of our parent company, Marubeni Corporation, we are a reliable, bankable, commercial partner you can trust. We are actively focusing our efforts on technology and product innovation to support energy entrepreneurs and play our role as a supplier to lead the transition to a net-zero future.

Choosing the right PPA

We understand choosing the right PPA for your energy generation asset can be challenging, so our short video showcasing a variety of options will help you navigate the process.

Our experienced Generation team work closely with generators and businesses to develop PPAs or flexibility contracts that suit your needs.

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Fixed PPA - 1 - 3 Years

Set your power price and protect yourself from market volatility

  • Fix your power price with a single pricing decision for the whole contract duration
  • Revenue certainty - with limited exposure to market price fluctuations, you'll know how much you will make for your power
  • Access our online portal for forward power price curves and daily market commentary updates


Framework PPA - 3 Years +

Greater hedging opportunities with a simple, low-risk approach

  • Fix your power price for future periods at times that suit you under a simple contract framework

  • Optimise your power revenues with ongoing price-setting opportunities within a simple framework structure

  • Longer than a Fixed PPA contract with the ability to leave periods unhedged to capitalise on market movements

  • Access to our online portals to monitor your output, forward price curves and daily market updates


Flexible PPA – 3 Years +

Track and react to wholesale market opportunities and trade instantly via our online trading portal

  • Maximise project revenue by regularly interacting with the wholesale market

  • Sell your power in monthly or seasonal blocks of volume when price opportunities arise

  • Freedom to lock and unlock your volume - access the full liquid market and published indices to flexibly sell power up to 5 years in the future

  • Trade at the click of a button with 24/7 access to our online portal, SmartFlex - manage your market position, set price alerts and make quick and easy online trades (exclusively available with our FlexiPPA product)

  • Imbalance risk is passed to us, giving you peace of mind that you will be paid as produced


CfD PPA – 15 years

Providing a route to market for generators who have secured a Contract for Difference (CfD)

  • Long-term PPA contract with a bankable partner that aligns with the standard commercial terms of your CfD commitment
  • Choose your preferred pricing option – Take the Market Reference price (baseload or intermittent, depending on your technology type) 
  • Access our online portal to see the latest prices and manage your account
  • Imbalance risk is passed to us, giving you piece of mind that you will be paid as produced.


Energy Trading Services Agreement (ETSA) - 5 Years +

Optimise energy revenues with full control over your hedging decisions

  • Optimise your energy revenues with complete access to the traded energy markets, including within-day and day-ahead

  • Make your own hedging decisions - Lock/unlock volume, giving you complete control whilst using the SmartestEnergy trading desk to complete your transactions on your behalf

  • Access our online portal to see the latest prices and manage your account

  • Suitable for large generators with the in-house expertise to strategically manage all trading activity and decision making


Corporate PPA - 15 years

A direct agreement with an investment-grade energy consumer to buy your power over a long-term contract

  • Secure long-term price certainty whilst enabling a business consumer to play an active part in the net-zero transition

  • Protection from wholesale market volatility for both parties

  • We can help connect your generation project to interested consumers with our experience in PPAs and Industrial & Commercial (I&C) business electricity supply


Choosing the right PPA for your project

To ensure you get the best returns from your asset, our expert Business Development Managers will work with you to find the right product.

We'll discuss the following questions and take your other considerations into account to ensure you can access all the market opportunities available to you:

  1. How actively do you engage with the wholesale market?
  2. How controllable is your generation asset? (e.g. can you respond quickly to market price triggers?)
  3. Can your asset operate flexibly to participate in grid balancing services and/or the Balancing Mechanism?
  4. Do you have internal expertise and sufficient resource to manage how you sell and optimise your power?
  5. Do you have a high level of control over your generation output?

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