Knowing your historical generation patterns and future exposure to market prices, as well as understanding the wider market, is vital for ensuring you get the best possible returns from your project. We provide a range of services and simple-to-use tools to help support your activities.

Read our Power Shift: Mitigating risk and becoming more active in a changing energy market (published September 2017) to find out how we are helping generators take advantage of new opportunities in the changing energy market.

Understanding your revenue and generation

With so much of your revenue coming from wholesale prices, you need to be able to closely monitor the market and understand your future exposure to prices. Our SourceDaily portal gives you 24/7 access to daily power prices and historical information to help you track power prices. If you are on a flexible contract, we provide our risk management platform SourcePosition which shows what you've hedged and the gaps remaining for a clear view of future revenue

We also provide an online reporting tool, SourceProfile, to give you complete visibility of how your project is performing and help you develop an action plan to optimise your generation patterns.

If you are interested in opportunities to optimise your usage in peak times to support the grid and increase your revenue, read more about our Demand Side Response offering.

Understanding the wider market

A major influence on your business is the ever-changing policy and regulation landscape. With the Government actively engaged in the industry it can be challenging to keep up with the latest developments, so we do that for you.

Our team of experts regularly engage with government and industry stakeholders to understand and contribute to the policy that shapes our industry, and we keep you updated through a weekly newsletter The Informer, regular webinars, reports and informative seminars.