The value of REGO certificates

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates (REGOs) demonstrate that electricity has been produced from a renewable source. Each megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity generated will receive one REGO and it is the only mechanism for demonstrating that electricity consumed is renewable.

These REGO certificates are used by suppliers to meet the fuel mix disclosure condition in their supply licenses. On our renewable tariffs, we also allocate a REGO for each MWh of renewable electricity we supply, providing transparency from generation to supply point.

REGOs are an important market mechanism to enable value to be created by more desirable source of electricity, which are backed up with certification by the Carbon Trust. We believe that a market for REGOs is the best way to allow consumers to use their consumption to influence the UK’s generation mix.

Are you getting value for your REGOs?

In recent years there has been a growth in the importance of REGOs and a market is emerging. Traditionally REGOs have been bundled with the commodity electricity, but SmartestEnergy have been working hard to recognise the value of REGOs in their own right.

Increasingly consumers are placing a value on REGOs too. Supply contracts have changed to meet these needs and there is a corresponding value to the renewable generator for their REGOs. If you aren’t receiving payment for your REGOs you should talk to our Renewables Trading team for more information.

We provide payment for REGOs as part of all of our PPAs, but can also provide services to other generators looking to maximise the value of their renewable generation – contact us to find out what value we can guarantee.

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