Committed to securing the value you deserve for your generation capacity

SmartestEnergy have been a trusted partner of independent generators since 2001. We continue to build on our experience and industry knowhow to create flexible, commercially-minded solutions to help you secure the value you deserve for your generation capacity, from competitive pricing to paying full market value on REGOs.

The challenge: It is a challenging and uncertain time for renewable generators across the country, with no planned subsidies for embedded generation and the Targeted Charging Review significantly impacting revenues for 2020 or 2021.

The opportunity: The market is still confident that new renewable generation projects will continue to be built, as demand for renewable energy increases, new financing structures emerge and technologies improve and become more affordable to deploy.

Our experience and expertise   

Our 3.4GW portfolio consists of over 770 generations sites across the UK. We work closely with specialist developers, blue-chip companies, farmers, landowners and community groups. Our expertise spans all renewable generation technologies and our dedicated team and in-house traders are experienced in dealing with related market complexities.

Our expertise extends to getting you the best possible deal for your exported power. Our proven access to wholesale market liquidity, and long-standing capability managing the imbalance risk associated with such a large portfolio, means we can offer competitive prices.

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Securing added value

Working to secure added value from your generation assets becomes increasingly important as the revenue stack continues to change. Our Renewables team can help you navigate this complex landscape and help you to secure value you deserve.

As an example of our stand out offering, we champion independent generators and ensure you secure value for your Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates (REGOs).

Providing REGO value for renewable generators

Since 2015, SmartestEnergy have paid generators for their REGO certificates. Following on from the closure of the LEC scheme, we were the first to realise the value of REGOs – we set the price annually and began to fix the price in for new contracts.

For some, this payment might seem nominal, but it represents something much bigger – recognition for independent renewable generators and validation of your work supporting our transition to a zero-carbon future.

Are you getting paid for your REGO certificates?

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SmartestEnergy can enter into agreements to achieve REGO value up to April 2024 — meaning you don’t have to wait until your renewal – Contact us.