A new approach to providing our fuel mix...

The launch of our new renewable products led us to a new approach for reporting our fuel mix – Mike Shirley explains how we’ve introduced more transparency for our customers.

Following the launch of our new renewable products in October last year, we have changed the way we present our fuel mix. As well as the basic fuel mix we (and other suppliers) are required to report, we have published a detailed fuel mix for each product so customers can see the breakdown of their supply and have confidence in how their electricity is generated.

You will see here that we are now presenting a fuel mix for each energy product – Specific Renewable, Natural Renewable, Renewable Standard and Conventional – as well as an overall SmartestEnergy supply for 2014/15.

This reflects the changes introduced by Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance in January last year, which requires companies to report the carbon attributes of the energy they consume based on the origin certificates applied to their supply.

To ensure we are supporting this global standard of carbon reporting, we've published these product-specific fuel mix breakdowns which our customers can easily use in their reporting.

This also creates a residual fuel mix for all supply not backed by origin certificates which applies to our non-renewable customers.

We believe this level of transparency is crucial and hope that other suppliers will soon follow suit to ensure that all consumers have access to clear information about their supply.

Our customers receive their fuel mix and an Energy Label detailing their Scope 2 carbon emissions (which is zero for renewable customers) every July for the previous reporting period, which they can use in their carbon reporting and to communicate their sustainability credentials to customers, investors and employees.

We’re also sending a Renewable Energy Commitment certificate to all of our renewable customers. We think they should be proud of choosing to purchase renewable energy and are sending them certificates to display in their premises to show they helping to move to a low carbon economy!

It’s good for all of us if more businesses choose to be powered by renewable energy, so we are doing as much as we can to help our customers realise business benefits from their choice and encourage transparency in the market.

In February we’ll be launching a new report calling on British businesses to commit to 100% renewable electricity – stay tuned!

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