A smarter approach to working with energy consultants

Dan Smith, Head of Channel Sales at SmartestEnergy, gives an insight to our approach to working with energy consultants and why they are vital to the energy market.

We hear a lot from energy suppliers about the importance of customer service. Rhetoric or not, the need to regularly claim it is indicative to me of an industry that often falls short of meeting both customer expectations and requirements.  

Competition in the electricity market is increasing and supplier margins subsequently decrease, yet we are operating in a volatile political and regulatory environment where change is regular, complex and implemented quickly.  Consumers need a trusted advisor to support them and suppliers can no longer consider energy consultants as simply a route to market.  They are essential to complete the jigsaw puzzle that is an energy consumer’s requirements in our increasingly complex industry.

SmartestEnergy has long understood the value in applying the same standards of service to consultants as we do to the actual electricity customer. It’s become one of our core principles that we have structured our business around:

Sales Structure:
The Channel Sales team is focused exclusively on managing energy consultants. Each consultant has two main contacts; one with the aim to deliver the best customer experience and the other developing relations and product knowledge.  

Products & Services:
SmartestEnergy aims to develop products to allow the energy consultant - through their own expertise and knowledge - to add value to their clients. Our Framework Agreement enables consultants to aggregate their clients’ volume without cross subsidisation, whilst still accommodating individual client needs from hedging strategies to setting non-energy prices.

Knowledge Sharing:
Suppliers have access to resources and information that isn’t typically available to consultants. As part of an information sharing package, we support our partners with Non-Energy Charges webinars and a weekly regulatory news update.

Our strategy and approach to working with energy consultants isn’t revolutionary but the consistent and sustained execution across the business is. It is culturally engrained into our organisation from product and system development through to our people.  

If you’re looking to work with a supplier that wants to understand your business, please contact one of our team to discuss how we can work together.

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