Businesses that are doing their bit to tackle Climate Change are seeing commercial benefits

World leading politicians and even Oscar winning actors are responding to the global threat of climate change, but how can businesses do their bit? Mike Shirley tells us how businesses have a vital role to play in tackling climate change.

Apple, Facebook and Google are some of the leading corporations creating the global momentum for businesses to take action in tackling climate change, by using renewable energy to power their businesses and reduce their carbon footprint. 

As the Paris Climate Summit in December showed a consensus agreement to end fossil fuels and shift to low-carbon electricity, we’re seeing a drive towards a renewable power. Businesses are already responding to global climate change commitments and with the private sector accounting for 77% of electricity consumption worldwide, they can make a huge contribution.

Most companies understand the need for action on climate change, but not enough understand that sourcing 100% renewable electricity is one of the quickest and effective ways of reducing emissions and can bring commercial benefits.

In the UK, large businesses account for over 56% of energy demand and our new report, Business and the Renewables Revolution, explores how businesses can play a big role in the shift to a low-carbon economy and reveals the four key business benefits you can achieve by switching to renewable electricity:

  1. Reduce carbon footprint
  2. Meet sustainable investment criteria
  3. Appeal to the growing wave of conscientious customers
  4. Kick-start internal energy efficiency programmes

The report showcases four leading renewable companies across the property, retail, industrial and education sectors that are recognising both the financial and reputational benefits of making the switch.

These pioneers are not only helping to build a low-carbon economy, they are also gaining a first-mover competitor advantage in their sectors - understanding global trends and future proofing their business against external business threats.

As our industry is changing and our future energy system is becoming more reliant on renewables, we all have a role to play. Business and the Renewables Revolution report, launched today, calls for businesses to make a commitment to 100% renewable energy and play their part in tackling climate change.

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