Call for corporates to ‘bring energy to life’

Living Grid has released a new video this week calling on businesses to get involved in the energy system. Head of Marketing Mike Shirley discusses why we are supporting this initiative and the opportunities for businesses to be more active participants.

There is an undeniable shift happening in the UK's energy system, a revolution even! As with all revolutions, there will be winners and losers - those that embrace the new normal and those that get left behind.

A growing number of companies in the UK and around the world are taking great strides with tackling climate change. Recently, the RE100 reached the milestone of 100 organisations signed up which is exciting and powerful.

But buying 100% renewable is just part of the picture. For these businesses, aligning how and when they consume energy to the needs of the wider system is also crucial to true climate leadership.

We have been working with the Living Grid over recent months to identify new ways to usher in a more renewable-friendly, adaptive and resilient energy system. The clear finding from our work is that the demand side of the market, the energy users, need to be part of the change.

Renewable technologies and developers are doing their bit and now National Grid are taking steps to redesign the system, so the challenge is now to the large organisations that consume over half of the UK’s energy – what are you doing to support a better energy system?

To drive the conversation and in collaboration with the Living Grid, we have created a video summarising the output of several months of online conversation between experts, academia, NGOs and commercial stakeholders looking at why we need to change our approach to energy and what steps are already being taken by businesses – scroll down for the video.

The video features SmartestEnergy’s CEO Robert Groves discussing the overwhelming need for businesses to shift from being passive consumers of energy to active participants in the network to help make it less static and more interactive so that it can fully exploit renewable energy.

It also features two large organisations that are already doing things differently and reaping the benefits – John Lewis Partnership and Aggregate Industries. These customer stories show that all businesses, whether high-street retailer or concrete manufacturer, have a role to play.

We are continuing to work with our customers to help them identify new opportunities, particularly around demand side response which provides financial incentives as well as wider system benefits. And there are commercial benefits for acting now!

It won’t always be easy – trying to change the way an organisation consumes energy is a big behavioural shift and will inevitably be challenged by those that prefer to maintain the status quo. But there are a growing number of companies out there proving that it works and is worth it!

So, what is your company doing to bring energy to life?

Watch the Living Grid video below and join the conversation on social media with #livinggrid to share your story:

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