Creating an achievable sustainable future for our customers

As a next generation energy company, we are positioning ourselves for a more sustainable future, which is why we have launched our second annual Sustainability Report. Robert Groves, Chief Executive Officer, provides an overview of what you can expect from our latest report.

Putting customers at the heart of what we do has always been our focus. We know our customers care deeply about sustainability and reporting measures, so this was a major driver for us to share – beyond our day-to-day business activities – our progress, achievements and future goals related to sustainability via an annual report.

Being able to measure and report our performance, which in turn enables our customers to achieve their sustainability goals, has been at the centre of our approach to our sustainability journey from day one.

We also believe it is important to recognise achievements from all aspects of our business, whilst highlighting areas to improve.

Renewable Electricity

In our latest report, we provide fuel mix details on our two renewable products that go beyond compliance and highlight the related certification process carried out by the Carbon Trust.

As the first UK supplier to certify our renewable electricity, we continue to differentiate our energy offering, and lead the way in representing and promoting renewable energy.

Offering certified 100% renewable electricity is crucial to many of our customers aiming to reduce their carbon footprints.

In creating this report, we also wanted to share some of our customers’ own “firsts”, to explore how they are hard at work creating a sustainable future – harnessing new product and technology innovations to deliver results. We hope by sharing these examples, it will encourage more businesses to follow their footsteps.

Our own carbon footprint

We believe all responsible businesses should measure and report their carbon footprints. Although our impact is limited to our offices, it is important we measure it and report it transparently in the public sphere.

SmartestEnergy employees are crucial to the reduction of our carbon footprint, which is why we have a ‘green week’ every year, to promote all facets of sustainability.

Ensuring wider community support

We endeavour to create lasting positive impacts across all aspects of our business.

Showing these achievements through our most recent report is important to us, as it helps recognise the efforts made by our staff for the betterment of the community around us.

So, in our second report, we have asked the question: “What does sustainability mean to you?” to a selection of our staff across the business.

The aim was to collate these ideas firstly for our report to highlight the breadth of the topic, but also because we would like to use them as a springboard to start an internal Sustainability Group in 2019.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Sustainability Report then please download our Sustainability Report 2018 today or get in touch with our leadership team here, to provide feedback or discuss any ideas for future.

About the author

Robert is responsible for the management of SmartestEnergy’s 3.3GW of aggregated generation capacity from distribution-connected generators, as well as the supply of electricity to large business consumers.

Robert began his energy career with Enron in 1997 and held senior commercial positions at EDF Trading and BHP Billiton, before joining SmartestEnergy in 2004 as Vice President Commercial. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2006 and was then appointed Chief Executive in 2011.

A former submarine engineer in the Royal Navy and Chartered Engineer, Robert has an MBA from London Business School, a BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Nuclear Technology and Engineering.