Deadline approaching for Demand Side Response this year

The winter 2015/16 Capacity Market is almost upon us. Rob Owens says businesses considering Demand Side Response need to act quickly.

Many large organisations are looking at ways to reduce energy costs and Demand Side Response (DSR) is a great way to do this.

As well as the financial incentives, DSR actively supports the grid to maintain security of supply for all consumers and reduces an organisation’s environmental impact.

The ideal opportunity to establish your DSR capability is this year’s Capacity Market, which pays consumers to reduce demand during peak times.

The auction price recently cleared at £27.50/KW, a higher figure than had been expected in the market - read more here.

For those new to DSR, rest assured that getting involved in the Capacity Market is actually quite straightforward if you partner with us to support you.

First, we evaluate your sites to determine how much you can turn down without impacting operations. Once this is agreed, we aggregate your demand with other consumers to minimise your risk.

Then during the year from October, our Network Management Centre will work with the National Grid and if action is required, we’ll manage it with you.

There isn’t much time left to be part of our portfolio for this year – participants need to be confirmed by mid-May.

If you would like to speak to us about the DSR opportunity for your business, please get in touch with us here.

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