Get ahead of the curve on energy costs and charges

SmartestEnergy’s Informer Series webinars have become a must-attend event for energy buyers, consultants and generators. Gavin Baker, Head of Pricing, highlights some of the key issues to be discussed during June’s webinars.

Keeping on top of all that is happening with energy prices, charges and benefits is becoming increasingly challenging for buyers, generators and consultants.

The factors influencing wholesale prices are constantly in a state of flux and non-energy charges continue to rise well ahead of inflation. With potential policy changes affecting embedded generators also now on the horizon, there’ll again be no shortage of talking points in the upcoming Informer Series webinars later this month.

Those attending January’s webinars heard how although business energy consumers were enjoying the benefits of relatively weak wholesale prices, they face higher bills due to rising non-energy charges to pay for renewable subsidies and system & network costs.

Both Future Distribution Use of System (DUoS) and Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges for example will increase significantly for many firms this year, although the flipside of that is that some generators will benefit from increased income.

This month’s webinars will provide an update on what’s happening with wholesale prices, along with latest forecasts on system, network and environmental charges. We’ll also cover the implications on proposals to exempt energy intensive industries from the indirect costs of the Renewables Obligation and Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Now that the Triad periods for Winter 15/16 are known, we’ll be looking at whether they followed the trends of previous years and how buyers and generators can start thinking about optimising their position for next winter. We’ll also be updating on what has been happening to prices since the introduction of single cash-out.

While some generators have benefitted from the rises in non-energy charges, a review currently underway poses a threat to that. We’ll be addressing what the potential removal of the embedded benefits they receive for only using the distribution network rather than the national transmission grid will mean for generators.

To ensure the information covered is as relevant as possible, we’re again staging tailored webinars for Consultants, End Users and Generators on:

Tuesday 14th June @ 11am – Consultants (Non-Energy Charges Forecast)
Tuesday 14th June @ 3pm – End User (Non-Energy Charges Forecast)
Wednesday 22nd June @ 3pm – Generators (Embedded Benefits Forecast)

Given the topics on the agenda, it could prove to be the most valuable 30 minutes of your week!