How renewable is your organisation’s supply chain?

As the world’s most influential companies commit to purchasing 100% renewable electricity, Mike Shirley, SmartestEnergy’s Head of Marketing, looks at how businesses can help support the low-carbon transition by pushing renewables down their supply chain.

As the first company in the UK to offer Certified Renewable Electricity, we talk to a lot of companies that realise the benefits of purchasing renewable electricity.

On a global scale, earlier in the summer the RE100 announced it had reached 100 members who have made a commitment to procure 100% renewable electricity.

There is lots of rhetoric in this space and we’re keen to understand what can be done to accelerate these trends.

There is real potential for these leading companies to stimulate adoption further and wider across the business landscape. Their competitors will be highly motivated to keep pace, but what about their supply chain?

These organisations work with huge networks of smaller companies that may not have made the switch to renewables yet, so could they use their procurement power to make this happen?

We would love to hear your views - please take our short five question survey to let us know what you think.

The survey results will form part of a report we are working on with the Carbon Trust and CDP. All those that participate in the survey will receive a complementary preview of the report in October.

Your views will give us a wider picture of what is currently happening with supply chain management so we can continue to drive the uptake of renewables.

There is now a really credible way to buy renewable and be confident in what you are buying – our Guide to purchasing and reporting renewable electricity provides a simple six point checklist.

And it is not expensive - typically we would expect customers to pay less than 1% more for renewable power than for conventional power!

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