Partnering with energy consultants to drive the energy revolution

Energy consultants have a crucial role to play in the rapidly changing UK energy system. Nathan Dad, Head of Channel Development, assesses the latest opportunities to hit the market, following our Annual Consultant Conference last week.

In an ever more complex and volatile UK energy system, energy consultants are critical to providing the strategic support for businesses to navigate the changing energy landscape.

Our Annual Consultant Conference is a chance for us to develop relationships, share innovation and provide some depth to our products and ambitions.

This year we looked at three key areas that are providing new opportunities to consultants and customers to innovate and take advantage in the changing market.


New revenue opportunities from Demand Side Response

The big news is undoubtedly Demand Side Response which is becoming increasingly popular with many businesses. Large consumers of electricity are being paid to turn up or down non-essential power by the National Grid. As balancing the grid is becoming a more challenging activity for the National Grid, DSR is a vital tool.

We are seeing more and more businesses identify flexibility in their consumption and reap the benefits of this untapped source of revenue. We have a team of experts able to work with customers to identify their turn-down capability, provide detailed site surveys and offer recommendations

SmartestEnergy are actively seeking new prospects to add to our capacity and would be happy to discuss any opportunities you might have.


Transparency is the best policy with our Energy Labels

Purchasing renewable electricity is a well-established strategy for forward-looking businesses. The number of businesses committing to 100% renewable electricity is on the rise as customers and stakeholders expect these organisations to do the right thing.

Our experience shows that it can be difficult to extract the emissions data from your electricity supply to support a business’s carbon reporting. That is why we work with the Carbon Trust to simplify the whole process and provide consultants and customers alike with clear, independently verified emissions data.

Each customer is issued with an Energy Label that can be added to Sustainability Reports or used for internal engagement as part of wider CSR ambitions.

At SmartestEnergy, we challenge all suppliers to be as transparent and give consultants and customers a clear comparison tool across the industry.

Corporate PPA’s could solve the subsidy shortage

Readers of our Energy Entrepreneurs Report will have seen the growth of renewable energy capacity in recent years, but as subsidy support has been withdrawn, generators are having to look for more innovative ways to build new projects.

A Corporate PPA is a contractual structure to link energy consumers directly with generation projects. In return for providing the “floor price” required to secure project funding the consumer receives a discount on the wholesale energy rate. Innovative commercial structures now available have put this on the agenda of many organisations and we’re seeing unprecedented interest in exploring opportunities.

And as the projects will not be built without this consumer support, it really is a big sustainability message!

The challenge for corporate PPAs has always been to level the benefits for both parties. It really does feel as though these innovative approaches do go a long way to achieving that parity. Interested parties should get in touch to discuss what this could mean for their business.

The Annual Consultant Conference is a chance to take a step back and look at the bigger trends taking place in the energy market. This year was no exception and it was great to work with such an engaged and talented group of consultants. And take part in some healthy debate!!

Contact us today to find out how your business can get more engaged in the market.


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About the author

Nathan is Head of Supply Sales for SmartestEnergy, responsible for managing new business and retention of existing customers for the retail arm. His role includes managing three new business teams covering the TPI Sector, Mid-Market business and Strategic prospects, as well as the retention of our current 8TWh electricity supply business.

Before joining SmartestEnergy Nathan was a Key Accounts Manager with Bergen Energi, managing a portfolio of pan-European and UK clients. He originally joined the energy industry in 2003 as a Customer Relations Manager with RWE npower. Nathan holds a BA Hons in International Relations.

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