Paving the way to net-zero

Net-Zero is a term used broadly across the energy sector, but for businesses it can be a minefield, especially when it comes to setting meaningful targets and putting sustainability plans into action. Channel Development Team Manager, Jess Butlin, shares how SmartestEnergy has been collaborating with energy consultants to give businesses the tools they need to get started on their net-zero journey.

We see it as our responsibility as an energy supplier to lead the transition to net-zero. We continue to build on our existing relationships and create new ones with energy consultants, to equip them with the products and services their customers need to deliver against their net-zero targets.

We’ve collaborated with a number of energy consultants and customer groups as they look to transition their customers to net-zero. We’ve seen an increasing uptake in 100% renewable frameworks as businesses are becoming even more sustainability-minded and there’s an emerging expectation across the supply chain.

Birmingham Net-Zero

We are also excited to be involved in Birmingham Net-Zero, led by Experienced Energy Solutions, which is a great example of how the sector has come together to support 2,000 Birmingham based businesses get on the road to net-zero.

Their five-step proposition provides businesses with access to the tools and industry experts they need to understand their carbon footprint, before creating a strategy to help them see reductions in line with the UK’s wider net-zero carbon commitments.

We are delighted to be the chosen renewable energy supplier for this initiative, providing certified renewable electricity sourced from generators across the Midlands, within a flexible framework contract structure.

Certified by the Carbon Trust, all the businesses involved can be confident that every MWh of their electricity supply is backed with a UK-recognised origin certificate, proving the power supplied is from a local renewable source.     

For more information about Birmingham Net-Zero, listen to our latest Podcast where co-founder, Craig Watson joins us as a special guest.

Three simple steps to get on the road to net-zero

To conclude this blog, I’d like to share the three of the most effective ways a business can start their net-zero journey:

  1. Switch to 100% renewable electricity to kickstart your transition and see results within the first year.
  2. Make a conscious effort to be efficient with your energy usage using an online reporting tool to monitor your consumption and identify energy waste.
  3. Cut through all the jargon and maximise the guidance available from your supplier or consultant to set meaningful, realistic net-zero targets.

We hope our #FastTrackToNetZero campaign opens the door to even more collaborative opportunities so we can continue to empower our consultant partners and customers to make an active contribution to the UK’s net-zero targets over the next 5-10 years.