Raising the bar with our exceptional customer loyalty score

Our latest Net Promoter Score has just been released at +59. By beating a previous best of +47 it moves SmartestEnergy into the excellent category, on a par with multinational tech firms rather than UK utilities. Andy Cormie, Vice President Supply, explains how we achieved this score and why customers value us.

At SmartestEnergy we see supply as a partnership, where value for our customers is generated through bespoke service and support over the life of the agreement.

We recognise that supporting complex business customers and portfolios means getting the basics right first and we are renowned for straightforward, accurate and timely invoicing and unbeatable Service Level Agreements.

Our market leading service reflects the quality of our systems and the partnerships we have built with agents and service providers. But above all, it reflects the quality of our people and the customer focussed culture that is ingrained throughout our business.

The latest feedback highlights the strongest areas of service as billing, customer service and our portal.

 Independent, tried and tested

Getting feedback from customers can be difficult so to ensure independence we worked with DJS Research Limited, an accredited agency that specialise in qualitative and quantitative research services.

Using a combination of Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score provides an objective and benchmarkable basis for comparison as well as insight into areas for improvement.

Ali Sims, Research Director for DJS who we have worked with us over the past three years said:

“SmartestEnergy have achieved a net positive NPS score for the last 3 years, which has increased year on year! This is no mean feat in the energy sector. Something which has stood out to us over the years is the high levels of satisfaction customers have with the customer service they receive from SmartestEnergy, which proves that amongst this audience a positive customer experience is not entirely driven by price.”

A strong foundation to build on

But having a strong customer service offering is just one part of the story.

The energy market is changing and the supply contracts and services of tomorrow will be very different from today. We believe our customers should be at the heart of that change.

So as a supplier-aggregator with a broad view of the energy landscape, we are already working with customers to maximise value from technology, flexible assets and the range of emerging revenue streams.

Most large business companies have 1MW or more of flexible power within their business. If your business is yet to identify it's flexible assets or processes, book a no-obligation site survey and find out how you can tap into the value in ancillary and energy markets.

Market volatility and an increasing focus on corporate social responsibility are also driving changes, and advanced commercial structures like Corporate PPAs are just one of the ways that we’re helping our customers with that shift. 

Contact us today for excellent customer service and to find out more about Corporate PPAs or increasing flexibility in your business.