It's that time of year where companies are publishing their sustainability reports - and carbon emissions are again at the forefront. Mike Shirley, SmartestEnergy's Head of Marketing, shares the approach taken by our customer Land Securities.

There aren't many major UK companies that don't report their carbon footprint these days. Even those that aren't mandated to do so have acknowledged that their customers, investors and employees expect them to be taking sustainability seriously, so carbon emissions feature in their annual reports too.

Since the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance was updated in January 2015, companies can report their own specific emissions for the electricity they purchase from a supplier. Reporting this information requires a great deal of confidence in the data provided by the supplier - is the energy supplied really renewable? Where is it from? Has it been backed by renewable energy guarantee of origin certificates?

Our customers can have this level of confidence. Every megawatt hour we supply to our renewable customers is backed by renewable energy guarantee of origin certificates, so the generation source and carbon emissions are completely proven. Also, our allocation of these certificates is managed through our Emissions Factor Model, which is certified by the Carbon Trust according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard

The UK's largest commercial property company, Land Securities, became our customer in April 2016, choosing to switch to a renewable electricity supply. This choice allowed them to become a member of the RE100, a collaborative, global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

Land Securities have just published their 2016 sustainability report and have highlighted their choice to switch to renewable. On working with SmartestEnergy, they commented:

We’re delighted to be supporting the UK’s low carbon economy by working with SmartestEnergy and investing in largescale renewable electricity generation. The contract helps secure a competitive price for our customers with great service levels, and it enables them to reduce their impacts too.
For us, the new deal also means better contract terms such as lower management costs, better payment terms and a strong service level agreement. SmartestEnergy’s supply is backed by REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin), the certification that guarantees electricity has been produced from renewable sources.

They also featured our energy label in their report, which they can use to display their commitment to renewable electricity across their property portfolio:

Being able to demonstrate the reduced environmental impact of our buildings will help attract the right customers to our properties. It also demonstrates to current customers that we’re acting on the issue of climate change and making their spaces more sustainable.

We look forward to contributing to their next sustainability report where they will be able to report reduced carbon emissions for their electricity supply.

> See the Land Securities report here