Top 10 facts about Britain’s energy entrepreneurs

Independent generators are playing a key role in the transition to a low-carbon energy system. Here are the Top 10 facts about Britain’s independent generation market from our latest report. 

  1. Last year, 5,467 independent renewable projects generated more than £1 billion worth of electricity – enough to power 6.2 million households.
  2. 1,007 new commercial-scale renewable projects connected to the grid adding 2.4GW of new capacity.
  3. Developers were responsible for building 408 renewable projects last year, with a capacity of 2.2GW they representing 89% of all new capacity.
  4. Farmers and landowners built 209 new projects accounting for over 20% of all new projects in 2015.
  5. Corporates investing in on-site generation built 155 projects last year – an average of three a week - with a combined capacity of nearly 100 MW.
  6. Business on-site generation now produces £100 million of electricity with a total of 728 projects across Britain.
  7. Scotland’s Highlands & Islands is the most active region, supplying 5.2% of all independent renewable generation in the UK.
  8. For the third year running solar has seen the greatest growth in capacity, with over 2GW across 696 new projects last year.
  9. Although renewable capacity grew 28% in 2015, the value of electricity generated by independents dropped by 4%
  10. The renewable power independent generators now produce is equivalent to taking more than 8.9 million cars off the road.

To find out more interesting facts and key stats, download our new Energy Entrepreneurs Report for our analysis of over 5,000 projects by technology, ownership and region across GB.