What will the new energy system look like? Can we learn from nature to define a more dynamic active system?

SmartestEnergy is a proud supporter of Forum for the Future’s Living Grid project which is looking at how we can be inspired by nature to transform our energy system. Mike Shirley explains more about this exciting project and why SmartestEnergy is involved.

The UK energy system is in the midst of major change - trying to become more renewable, flexible and smarter, but struggling with outdated infrastructure, systems, policies and approaches.

As a supplier, purchaser and aggregator of energy, we have an important role in shaping this new system and want to encourage a fresh, innovative approach to solving the challenges we face.

This is why we’re supporting and actively participating in Forum for the Future’s Living Grid project, which kicks off this week.

The Living Grid is a community of people and organisations who believe that a whole system approach is missing from decision-making about our energy future.

The aim of the project is to spark a change in the design of our electricity system to make it more efficient, resilient and adapted for renewable energy - as well as better for the people and businesses that use it.

The first part of the project is an online conversation to gather ideas and knowledge from a range of experts across various fields - from energy, to living systems design and biomimicry. This is underway now on the Futures Centre portal and open to anyone to participate.

The ambition of this explorer is to identify inspiration to inform the design of the better system, and to take that inspiration from natural resilient systems.

If you are interested in the future of the UK energy system and would like to share your thoughts, please get involved by commenting, sharing articles or offering your own ideas.

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We will share the insights gathered from this phase of the Living Grid project so please check back to our blog or follow us on LinkedIn to find out the latest.

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